Renewal of Professional ID Card (For Robinsons Gen San/Bacolod/Iloilo & OSSCO Clark only)

    1. Professional or duly authorized representative must secure and accomplish a renewal form from the Registration Officer and submit one (1) recent passport size picture with nametag and in white background.
    2. Professional pays to cashier the renewal fee upon securing his/her printed renewal application. The schedule for claiming the PIC is printed on the lower portion of the printed form.
    3. On the scheduled date, the professional or his/her duly authorized representative must present claim stub to the Registration Officer. He/she shall also present the Official Receipt showing payment of the renewal fee and sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the PIC. When the PIC is claimed by a representative, the said representative must also present together with the official receipt a *letter of authority or **Special Power of Attorney from the professional and valid IDs with signature from both parties.


         *PRC-registered professional acting as representatives may transact with PRC upon presentation of Authorization Letter and his/her professional ID.

         **Representatives filing the application and claiming the professional ID in behalf of the professional must present Special Power of Attorney and valid identification of the professional and the representative.

    Information Important Notice

    1. Professions to submit an updated certificate of good standing from their respective Accredited Professional Organization (APO) are the following:

      • Aeronautical Engineers
      • Agricultural Engineers
      • Architects
      • Customs Brokers
      • Electrical Engineers
      • Electronics Engineers
      • Geodetic Engineers
      • Guidance and Counseling
      • Interior Designers
      • Landscape Architects
      • Real Estate Services

  • For dual citizens renewing their PRC Professional Identification Card, please present the original and photocopy of any of the following at the International Affairs Division (IAD), 2nd Floor, PRC Main Office:
    1. Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines or
    2. Current and valid Philippine passport or
    3. Identification Certificate recognizing the applicant as a Filipino citizen

    In case the original copy is not available, a Certified True Copy of the document will suffice.

    Should any of the above stated documents is not applicable, former Filipinos citizens (Filipinos who were able to register at PRC but subsequently acquired another citizenship) will have to comply with the requirements set under Category F (P.D. No. 541, “Allowing former Filipino Professionals to Practice their Respective Professions in the Philippines”) of PRC Resolution No. 668, series of 2012 and proceed to 2nd Floor, IAD, PRC Main Office for submission of requirements.

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